On Branding Crypto

Written by Augustina Lavickaitė
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As cryptocurrencies mark the embrace of a future where physical and digital collide, branding plays a key role in helping stand out and gain public trust.

The plain orange circle with a double-striped B has become synonymous with the entire complex reality of cryptocurrency. At the beginning of the rise of crypto, branding a coin as something familiar, physical, and traditional was very effective. However, we are witnessing unprecedented growth and expansion in the crypto world and, surprisingly, all branding remains more or less the same, homogeneous dark shapes with isometric drawings. Communicating complex and abstract concepts for new currencies, trading platforms, and companies requires expanding our cryptocurrency linguistics and incorporating the central aspects of crypto - decentralized, democratic, community-based.

Design, as a visual language, has the potential to bridge different audiences, their needs, and ideals. Avoiding a B2B aesthetic and taking brave steps in making an original and characteristic branding will help create a community and gain public trust. Collaborative features are a great tool for establishing a connection with your audience - anything from dynamic animations on the website or adjustable brand elements. By rewarding interaction, the branding simplifies the task of identifying with the currency a user chooses.

Branding is also responsible for catering to different knowledge groups and juggling openness and relevance. It should present the subtleties of the industry, not only the literal definition of cryptocurrency. However, it should also be approachable and intuitive. Therefore, a balance between detail and simplicity is key, whether achieved through illustration, links to references, or a FAQ page.

There is a lot of potential in the branding of the crypto world, a lot of metaphors to explore, and relations to define. But one thing is certain - the success or failure of selling abstract products lies in the communication and marketing of their complex functionalities and values. See our Ryder case page to learn more about our process of working hand in hand with a crypto company to increase X and X without losing clarity. Or drop us a line to share our ideas or concerns on branding crypto.

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Wondering what we could do for you? Contact us or let us contact you.

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We will contact you within 24 hours by email

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