Breaking taboos, one step at a time.

Written by Augustina Lavickaitė
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Setting up an alternative and inclusive online store for offline pleasures.

The founders of Self Studies approached Generous studio with an interest in starting an eCommerce platform that would reflect their philosophies on intimacy and provide a curated selection of body-safe and innovative brands and products. One of the main design concerns was avoiding gatekeeping intimacy and presenting sex toys without a dark or vulgar look. With a background in the industries of fashion and lifestyle (Bijenkorf, Anecdote, Graanmarkt 13, and KASSL Editions), Self Studies was interested in a light, informal, and approachable aesthetic in all communication assets as well as their online shop.

Embracing the startup attitude of Self Studies, we set up an efficient and solid platform for growth. First focusing on the infrastructure of the eCommerce, we built a Shopify 2.0 platform that would be flexible and easy to improve. In a fast-paced period of 3 weeks and with a small starting budget, we built the complete website using standard theme features and adjusted it in the direction of the brand identity.

As we continue to work with Self Studies, the current live website features the most valuable pages for online shopping. Starting with their expertise - eCommerce - allowed the team to kick start the project and test how comfortable their target audience is with the current environment and style. In the meanwhile, we are working to improve the platform with custom features, such as refined navigation. Once Self Studies are ready for the next step, we plan to adjust the platform to better represent the original idea of breaking through the taboos surrounding intimacy and sex.

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Wondering what we could do for you? Contact us or let us contact you.

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