Albert Heijn E-commerce supermarket

Preferred partner of a major e-commerce food platform.

With 20,000 daily visits and 1,000,000 weekly orders, Albert Heijn Online is the market leader in food delivery in the Netherlands and Belgium. At Generous we create assets for smooth and enjoyable shopping for the D2C and B2B audience by recreating the supermarket experience online.

Nearly a decade of digital art direction.

After 7 years of collaboration, we feel like a close part of the Albert Heijn family. On a weekly basis we work hand in hand with the Albert Heijn Online team, to create important pages for as well as execute art direction and visual design for their homepage and campaign pages. Similarly, we work on app videos, 3D animations, and directing photoshoots on location. During Christmas and Easter, the two biggest yearly campaigns, we transform the entire platform into a themed shop.

Bringing to life new concepts and ideas.

Albert Heijn is part of a very dynamic, competitive, and ever-growing industry, where laying low or sitting still is not an option. Therefore the company produces new and innovative concepts on a daily basis. New concepts and ideas for the app or e-commerce platform sound like music to our ears. At Generous we help visualize and implement these ideas from sketches to online launches. We are always enthusiastic to help the team of Albert Heijn create and realize propositions and translate them into UX or visual design.

Generous also worked on the concept development and design of the new brand identity. Together with TBWA we tested the identity in the digital environment of Albert Heijn.

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    What are display banner campaigns?

    You probably have seen them all the time while reading articles or visiting websites. These banner ads that try to sell you something or remind you of the nice shoes you have seen on another E-Commerce platform.

    Every single week we create these display banners for Albert Heijn. We specify them for different target audiences or different circumstances like change of the weather for example. These banner ads work great to attract customers or remind them of their filled basket in your E-Commerce platform.

    How do you keep up with creating content on a weekly basis?

    In 7 years of collaboration, we have mastered our skills and easy communications with Albert Heijn and with a short brief we know what to do.

Wondering what we could do for you? Contact us or let us contact you.

Luuk DisveldDesign
We will contact you within 24 hours by email
Luuk Disveld

Wondering what we could do for you? Contact us or let us contact you.

Luuk DisveldDesign
We will contact you within 24 hours by email

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