Fabienne Chapot FCXV

Designs for Fabienne Chapot’s phygital 15th-anniversary exhibition.

To celebrate Fabienne Chapot’s 15th anniversary, we designed a feminine and empowering digital campaign for a pop-up exhibition in the heart of Amsterdam. The campaign includes a website, interactive AR experiences, and motion graphics, which together create a memorable all-around phygital experience for the customers and followers of Fabienne Chapot.

The full potential of Fabienne Chapot’s brand identity.

Fabienne Chapot’s signature hand-drawn ornaments of flowers, hearts, and stars became the visual center point of the event’s campaign and the connection between digital and physical assets.

To further highlight the label’s craft, we used augmented reality (AR) technology to bring these ornaments to life with painting strokes imitating movement. Natural and realistic, yet magical - perfectly on-brand for Fabienne Chapot. The designs were used for 3D motion launch teasers, anticipating the opening of the exhibition. Animated bags and silk scarves displayed the new Fabienne Chapot 15th anniversary collection, allowing customers to examine the quality and looks of the products in great detail digitally.

Positivism, color, and a boost of energy.

The campaign’s website is a chance to (re)discover the world of Fabienne Chapot in fun and new ways. It tells a non-linear narrative of the brand - from archives of prints to behind-the-scenes images of the atelier, from the creation of the exhibition to personal accounts of creatives working with and for Fabienne Chapot.

Perhaps most importantly, the website showcases the positivism, color, and boost of energy of the 15th-anniversary collection. Overall, the campaign is a wink to the brand’s past but fully modernized to fit present-day values.

Bridging digital and physical.

Our design for the FCXV experience extends beyond the website and into the streets of Amsterdam through augmented reality filters. With the first filter, the storefront of the pop-up exhibition bursts with flowers, giving the viewer a taste of what’s to come and adding to the aesthetics of the campaign.

Inside the store, the next filter allows the 2D ornamental designs to unfold in 3D space, creating the impression of walking through the patterns.

Last, the front camera filter places floral ornaments on and around the face of the user. All three encourage interactivity through augmented reality and collaboration with others, creating more memorable shared experiences.

Learn more about the Fabienne Chapot case.

    What is phygital?

    Think of anything that combines the immediate and immersive of digital with the interactivity of physical - pre-ordering food on an app, scanning a QR code on a magazine, even completing a payment using mobile banking…

    Phygital has the power to eliminate an issue by bridging the gap between a user and an activity, space, and information. Above all, phygital should not seem intimidating or distant, it’s already here and presents exciting new possibilities.

    What is an AR filter?

    Augmented reality (AR) filters are computer-generated effects that are placed on top of real photos. Using your camera for live footage, the AR filter is added to your background, face, or body.

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Wondering what we could do for you? Contact us or let us contact you.

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We will contact you within 24 hours by email

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