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A central platform for all vacancies and applicants.

Motherson is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of components for the automotive and transport industries. With operations in 41 countries around the globe, the company strives for clear and organized communication across all channels. Motherson also continuously expands its operations through new acquisitions, meaning new work cultures and ethics need to be merged regularly. At the core of this complex communication web is the human resources team, in charge of job applicants and employee satisfaction.

Balancing differences in cultures and experiences.

As a long-term design partner, Generous was asked to simplify the communication by designing and developing a single central platform for handling vacancies and applications of all Motherson locations. Equally important was integrating a human touch, a playful aspect to the representation of the company in order to reveal more about the life at Motherson and their involvement in communities.

To understand and tackle Motherson’s HR concerns, Generous organized a workshop, aiming to collect as many perspectives as possible. Working with a company this large first and foremost means taking into account differences in culture, level of experience, and roles. In response to our collected insights, we developed separate pages per factory to meet their individual needs.

Scaling up with a human-centered approach.

The resulting website works as a guide for potential employees, navigating them from the general Motherson overview to location-specific pages, which provide them with essential information, references, and contacts. The website also provides several paths to finding jobs - per location, per functional area, and not just through a filtered list. To simplify the scanning of pages, functional areas are color-coded throughout the website.

By providing every location with access to CMS, the website allows human resources to add different job offers and arrange applicant information on a single site without disruptions. The platform is built for scaling up - as Motherson acquires new organizations, their human resources can easily adjust and relocate to the system. Motherson allowed Generous to optimize its employment process and equip the company for sustainable growth by approaching human resources as a design issue.

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    What is headless architecture?

    A headless architecture separates the "head" or front-end from the "body" or back-end. This allows the creation of customizable, omnichannel-friendly, and API-driven systems. A headless CMS allows the creator to manage content in the “body” and the developer to adjust the presentation in the “head”.

    What are the benefits of headless architecture?

    Headless architecture speeds up your website and ensures that your product is scalable and future-proof. It gives significantly more freedom and customizability to developers and users. Similarly, it works great with an omnichannel strategy and decreases the time to market ratio.

    What is DatoCMS?

    Dato CMS is a headless CMS technology that provides an end-to-end solution for businesses that create and distribute content to websites and other digital experiences at scale.

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We will contact you within 24 hours by email
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Wondering what we could do for you? Contact us or let us contact you.

Guido MalleeTech
We will contact you within 24 hours by email

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