Nibe Rethink custom web application

Nibe R<THiNK

A web app to simplify, standardize, and improve environmental product impact calculations.

Nibe works to create a more sustainable and circular construction industry that does not pollute the environment or deplete natural resources. The main challenge for both clients and contractors is to clearly communicate the possibilities of reaching sustainability goals in a uniform way. Nibe provides Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) to standardize and clarify a product’s environmental performance and its impact from extraction, to production, to transportation, to disposal. 

From an MVP to a mature platform in 2 years.

At the time of the briefing, the majority of the calculations were still done manually by Nibe - a process that was often repetitive, time-consuming, and expensive. Generous was asked to create a web application, which would simplify the process and apply to all products in the building industry, thus opening a completely new pool of potential clients.

Power to the user.

With our web application, manufacturers can easily create and manage their own production calculations. In the new design of the application, acknowledged reviewers simply approve automatically generated reports, in turn drastically optimizing the process. On top of that, the application can provide manufacturers with insightful real-time feedback and Center of Gravity Analysis about their production calculations at any stage of the process.

The flexibility of the web application implies that the initial focus on their current Dutch clients can easily be expanded to various other European calculation methods by simply adding support for country-specific environmental profiles and reporting formats.

Learn more about the Nibe R<THiNK case.

    What is an MVP?

    MVP stands for minimum viable product and defines an approach to launching products with just enough features to collect feedback as soon as possible and validate the idea of the product early on. 

    How does Generous work with assignments outside their usual industry expertise?

    Usually, building web or mobile applications is a straightforward, but tedious task for a competent creative and development team. It becomes a lot more complex and exciting when we need to find a solution to a problem that is harder to grasp. This was also the case with Nibe’s R<THiNK - the only way to produce a high-quality product is to involve the client as a member of the team and take each step of the creative process together. At the end of the day, in projects with niche expertise, the client is the most powerful resource we can wish for.

Wondering what we could do for you? Contact us or let us contact you.

Guido MalleeTech
We will contact you within 24 hours by email
Guido Mallee

Wondering what we could do for you? Contact us or let us contact you.

Guido MalleeTech
We will contact you within 24 hours by email

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