Content and Motion for FOAM

Content and motion for Foam Photography Museum.

A platform for conversation, contemplation, and connection between visual culture and the world around us, FOAM Photography Museum is focused first and foremost on making photography accessible to everyone. Their exhibitions, publications, debates, educational programs, and other activities confront and challenge the role of photography and exploit its potential to connect and encourage dialogue.

Over the years, Generous and Foam have collaborated on exhibitions, video content, AR Filters, and motion graphics, most notably the Remsen Wolff exhibition and the Talent 2020 digital exhibition. The overarching challenge is to create engaging content for a digital audience and succeed to do so in an efficient way, focusing on photography’s ability to question and inspire people.

Remsen Wolff.

Amsterdam Girls presents the portraits of transgender people in New York and Amsterdam taken by photographer Remsen Wolff (1940-1998) between 1990 and 1992. 30 years later, we look back at the work through a collection of different media to discover more about Wolff’s ideas and his way of working.

Generous worked with Foam to produce a mini-documentary on the exhibition and the models. Emme and Sugi talk about the experience of meeting and working with Wolff in an intimate, comfortable, and honest setting - true to the approach of the photographer. The collaboration resulted in a series of videos for the exhibition and social channels of Foam.

FOAM Talent.

Foam is dedicated to finding, presenting, and supporting creative photographers who are shaping the future of visual culture. The museum is known around the world for its innovative and progressive approach to photography and Foam Talent is a great example of this attitude.

For Foam Talent 2020, 3,238 projects were submitted by 1,619 authors and 69 countries, aged 35 and under. However, the exhibition did not take place in the physical museum for two reasons - the inevitable restrictions of the Covid pandemic and Foam’s continuous search for new channels and platforms with diverse and broad audiences. Generous strategized and designed the launching campaign of the exhibition by addressing the challenges Foam was facing - getting people to engage and understand a new way of experiencing the photography museum online. The campaign consisted of motion graphics and inviting interactive AR filters.

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    What is an AR filter?

    Augmented reality (AR) filters are computer-generated effects that are placed on top of real photos. Using your camera for live footage, the AR filter is added to your background, face, or body.

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Wondering what we could do for you? Contact us or let us contact you.

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