Futureproof and scalable e-commerce B2C & B2B solutions

At generous we love to team up with our clients to build outstanding B2C & B2B e-commerce solutions. Always with a strong focus on refined design, while on the tech-end we make sure the stack is always scalable and future-proof.

bigcommerce enterprise store - tlm
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We do this by applying the composable commerce principle, in which we use the best technique, tool or framework for each individual component in the digital ecosystem (best of breech). So for example, where BigCommerce is leveraged for handling all shopping functionality, we incorporate a headless CMS to manage content on various digital channels and add the possibility to enrich product pages and shopping experience.

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Our own middleware layer, which has been engineered by our team of highly trained and experienced developers, forms the glue between each component and makes sure the end-user is always given a seamless experience.

bigcommerce enterprise store - tlm
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Expert teams

We put together a multidisciplinary team with complimentary skills to give your project all the expertise it deserves

Best-fit solutions

Our out of the box thinking allows us to find best-fit solutions for different sorts of budgets, timelines and industries

Value-focused approach

We carefully asses the core values of your product and make sure our efforts primarily go to delivering these

We’re always in for a good cup of coffee in our studio to talk about design, development and motion projects. Please drop us a note and feel welcome to meet.


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