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At generous.studio we have over a decade of experience with building web applications and online platforms. Over these years we have worked for all sorts of clients, in industries ranging from retail to automotive, leveraging all kinds of tools and technologies, and working with all sorts of budgets.

What we’ve always found to work is to approach each case from a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) perspective, even if the product we build isn’t actually a MVP. This means that together we assess carefully what the product’s core values are, and make sure that our time and efforts are spent primarily and firstly on delivering these values.

We do this by starting off with an architectural design by one of our senior tech-lead developers. For many of the features that are required for basically any application - such as user management, email and push notifications - already very good off the shelf solutions exist. Hence, we’re not gonna spend time on building these from scratch, but instead incorporate these existing solutions in the application’s architecture, so our efforts can go primarily into building your application’s unique features.

This is similar for the infrastructure your app will run on. We incorporate existing cloud solutions from AWS, Google Cloud or Netlify, so that stability, availability and performance of your app is not something you will have to worry about, even when your user base starts rapidly growing.

As we build your application as a SPA (Single Page Application) using React’s Javascript development framework, it will run in your audience’s browser, but perform and feel as a native desktop application.


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We’re always in for a good cup of coffee in our studio to talk about design, development and motion projects. Please drop us a note and feel welcome to meet.

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