FATA MORGANA for abwab pavillion - dubai design week 2020

Fata morgana
Design of the installation

Project Fata Morgana is a collaboration between Generous.studio, Hozan Zangana and Woodcast Designs. With this combination we chave combined our strenghts to complete this proposal up to the actual building of the installation within 6 weeks.

concept sketches

The more we live in modern cities, the more we are estranged from our heritage. How to (re)connect culture, history and people in a public space.

The end goal of the installation is to amplify the necessity to cross each others path, presenting a pivotal intersection in which a connection is presented. This inevitable intersection within the installation demands for conversation between the visitors, reactivating the connection with each other on a social level.

Final design

The installation is build by using the technique “rammed earth” in which the layers of all provinces are represented. Each structure represents a province and is build from the (earth) layers of the province. By re-using the landscape a sustainable structure is presented.

Visualization of the installation at Dubai Design Week

To highlight the layered geographical relevance, we use the various structures as a modular system to serve as a multi-purpose space. By re-using the province layers (materials) we take a responsible and sustainable design approach in which the production process is a key to its visual appearance. The structures position within the space higlight the cultural context of the installation. The intersections demand a blend of cultural meetings and line of sights, amplifying a conversation starter to strangers.


Some of our Rammed Earth objects are available via our gallery. If you have interest in one of these objects please send an e-mail to gallery@generous.studio.

Stool4 colors
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Table2 colors
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Element2 colors
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Production process
Production process
Production process
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